Thoughts about the Google Pixel Chromebook

Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft. This is my own personal review of the Chrome Pixel and is not associated with my employer in any way. I recently got a Google Pixel Chromebook at Google I/O 2013. All attendees were given this device as a giveaway as part of their registration and I wanted to … Continue reading

Google Glass Packaging and Dimensions

I was lucky enough to get a pair of Google Glass to play with for a couple of days. Pretty nifty device and I could definitely see the potential, especially after a great chat with Matt May about them during Google I/O. The possibilities, especially in warehouses and retail operations, are really … Continue reading

Which is Your Primary Browser?

I did a REALLY informal poll on Twitter to see which browser people consider their primary browser. I've listed the results below. The "Browsing" category is what I consider results for a "primary" browser in terms of general day-to-day use while "Development" is the primary browser used to build … Continue reading