Video Interviews Part 1 – Steve Souders, Google’s Performance Evangelist Talks Performance and Mobile & Yahoo!’s Gonzalo Cordero Discusses BayJax

During the jQuery conference in Mountain View, I got a chance to video interview a number of people. First up are Steve Souders, Google’s Performance Evangelist. Apart from Steve’s great comments on performance and mobile, what I truly appreciated was that I caught him just before sessions were about to start and without hesitation he took the time to speak with me. It’s a true testament to how great a guy Steve is and a lesson to all those that may be intimidated about approaching some of the stars of web development; just do it because they’re very approachable and cool!

Be sure to pick up Steve’s book, High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers and Even Faster Web Sites: Performance Best Practices for Web Developers, which have become THE books to read for improving your site’s performance.

Then I spoke with Gonzalo Cordero of Yahoo! (who is also a contributor to YUI) about BayJax, the monthly meetup sponsored by Yahoo! which tackles some great front-end development discussions. Gonzalo coordinates the meetings and has made BayJax the envy of many developers with it’s great sessions. The most recent event included presentations from the authors of the new book High Performance JavaScript

Rey Bango