New jQuery Plugin for Google & Yahoo Mapping

Tane Piper today released v1.3 of his jQuery mapping plugin with the following major updates:

  • Added support for creating Yahoo! Maps, can create Map,
    Satallite or Hybrid. Check out available options below

  • Added support for creating points on Yahoo! maps.
  • Added support for creating Polylines on Yahoo! maps.
  • Added support for GeoRSS files on both Yahoo! and Google maps, as well as existing KML support for Google, method
  • Name was changed from .addKml to .addRss
  • Moved directions search out of main namespace, now function that is called from within plugin by providing fields
  • Added Yahoo! Geocoding support

This was a fairly big update and allows developers to take advantage of either Google or Yahoo maps from one codebase!

Tane is already working on v1.4 which will include:

  • Add in custom icon support for points.
  • Add support for Google Points Manager
  • Add support for overlays

and possible support Microsoft Live maps.

You can grab the latest code via Google SVN and see a live demo here.

Rey Bango