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Where the heck is Rob Gonda?!?!?

So I chatted with Rob Gonda today via AIM and he gave me this really lame story about how he needs to blog and time and blah, blah, blah. I tuned him out after about the 3rd “blah”.

Listen, I NEED my Gonda fix so get your fingers typing Rob and give me some good content to read!!! I mean, I've resorted to reading (gasp!) Sean Corfield!!! ;)

Obviously I'm kidding but I am looking forward to seeing some good stuff from you my friend.

PS: I actually do read Sean's blog daily.

Wishes Do Come True (Pt 2)!!! Thanks Gary Gilbert!

So I go out to my front door and what do I spy? Another box from Amazon! Now, I know that Ben Nadel showed me some love last week and picked me up the awesome book “PPK on JavaScript” for my work on but I was sure Ben doesn't like me THAT much! LOL!

So I open it and BAM! another book off of my Amazon wishlist! It was the book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day which I really wanted to help me improve my skills on determining site metrics! And I have Gary Gilbert to thank for this book. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I really appreciate Gary! :D 1000 Sites Contest – The Winners!!!

First I want to thank everyone that submitted a site during the contest. We had an incredible number of site submissions since I first announced the contest on 8/10/2007. Since that time, we have had 543 sites submitted to bringing the list total to 1,533 sites!!!!! As many of you know, was built to help promote CF-based technologies
and is currently aggregating a sizeable list of CFML-Powered sites to show off to the the development community. Every new site submissions helps further that cause and I really appreciate those who took the time to submit a site.

Next, onto the winners:

Site #1005 was submitted by They will be getting a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt.

Site #1004 was submitted by Alan Rother. Alan will be getting a “Got ColdFusion?” tshirt.

Site #1003 was submitted by Jim Wright. Jim will be getting a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt.

Site #1002 was submitted by Michael Wright. Michael will be getting a “Got ColdFusion?” tshirt.

Site #1001 was submitted by Luca Unti. Luca will be getting a “Got ColdFusion?” tshirt and a “Got ColdFusion?” coffee mug.

and the grand prize winner for site #1000 is Steve “Cutter” Blades for the site Steve will be getting an Adobe laptop-ready backpack filled with Adobe goodness (small promo items, t-shirts, etc…) and a GotColdFusion? coffee mug.

I've been in contact with all of the winners and they're all thrilled. I would like to congratulate all of them and thank them for their efforts.

On a final note, I would like to encourage everyone to continue to
submit sites to as it will help to show how pervasive
CF-based technologies really are.

Wishes Do Come True!!! Thanks Ben Nadel!

Trying to make something useful to the ColdFusion community has been a bit of an effort. While the site looks very simple, there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes from testing URLs to contacting submitters who are trying to game the site.

So following the lead of other bloggers that I've seen, I put up my Amazon Wishlist in the hopes that someone might find my efforts of value and get me something from my wishlist. I wasn't expecting anything but if it happened, it would be really cool.

Well, today I get a package from Amazon which was a bit of a surprise. When I opened it up, one of the books from wishlist was there!!!! I had added PPK on JavaScript to the list and now I had it in my hands!!!

When I looked at the receipt, whom do I find as the sender? Noneother than my good friend Ben Nadel and a little note that said: “Rey, Kick ass on :) I think it's really a great thing”.

Ben man, you made my day and I really appreciate it. Thanks for valuing my efforts bud! :) Approaching 1000 Sites – Contest/Prizes

I'm very happy to announce that, the site dedicated to promotion CF-based technology, is just 10 sites shy of reaching 1000 CFML-Powered sites. This is really an awesome achievement and helps to show that CF-technologies are very relevant in today's Internet development efforts.

To commemorate the 1000th site submission, Adobe has generously donated a Adobe laptop-ready backpack filled with Adobe goodness (small promo items, t-shirts, etc…). Also, Will Tomlinson of ColdFusionGear has graciously donated Got ColdFusion? mugs and tshirts.

So here's the way this will work:

  • The submitter for site 1,000 will get the Adobe backpack and a GotColdFusion? coffee mug

I will then give prizes to the next five “unique” submitters
irregardless of site position. By unique submitters, I mean five different people.

The prizes for that will be as follows:

  • Submitter #1 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt and a Got ColdFusion? coffee mug
  • Submitter #2 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt
  • Submitter #3 will get a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt
  • Submitter #4 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt
  • Submitter #5 will get a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt

The rules:

  • The submission must be for a “CFML-powered” site which is not already on the list
  • The site MUST be predominantly CFML-powered. If it has one CFM page in it with the rest powered by another technology, then it won't qualify.
  • It must follow the guidelines listed here:

  • You MUST provide your email address when submitting so I can get a hold of you. If you don't enter your email address, you will not be eligible.
  • When contacted, you have 5 days to reply with a shipping address. If no reply is received, a new winner will be chosen for the respective prize
  • Employees of Adobe, New Atlanta, Railo, the Smith Project, and any CF application server project/maker are not eligible.

The winners will be announced on CF-Talk on Friday, August 17th, 2007.

The prizes will be shipped anywhere in the world via standard postal service.

I want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to continuing the effort of promoting CF-technologies to the development community.

ColdFusion 8 "Powered By" Logos! Get 'Em While They're Hot!

Adobe's Jason Delmore just sent me a bunch of “Powered By” logos for ColdFusion 8. These are fresh of the presses!

Ruby on Rails is Slow According to Twitter

In a recent interview with Twitter Developer Alex Payne, he candidly admitted that the the Ruby programming language, and by association the Rails framework, aren't very scalable. A couple of comments really stuck out:

“Running on Rails has forced us to deal with scaling issues – issues that any growing site eventually contends with – far sooner than I think we would on another framework. The common wisdom in the Rails community at this time is that scaling Rails is a matter of cost: just throw more CPUs at it.”


“Its also worth mentioning that there shouldnt be doubt in anybodys mind at this point that Ruby itself is slow.”

I'm not a Rails developer myself so I can't agree or disagree but coming from a developer of such a large site as Twitter, these comments really make you wonder why Rails is such a hot framework and why people are flocking to it.

Now, I'm not posting about this to take a cheap shot at the Rails community but I truly question all of the hype that surrounds Ruby on Rails when proven technologies such as ColdFusion and BlueDragon continue to be treated as red-headed step children. Its certainly been proven time and time again that CF-based servers can effectively scale and handle large web applications. But here we have an example of an application framework (Rails) that's the darling of the web development world and yet is having trouble meeting the demands of one of the newest and fastest growing websites on the Net.

So, how does ColdFusion break out of this position? I'd really like to hear from you my readers. I'm looking forward to your ideas and suggestions and I'll be sure to have Adobe CF Product Manager Tim Buntel and New Atlanta President Vince Bonfanti review suggestions so they can better position their respective products.

BlueDragon 7.0 Officially Released! Competitive Upgrade Being Offered!

Its finally here! BlueDragon 7.0 has been officially released.

Its got a ton of great new features including enhanced CFC support and the new CFTHREAD tag for multi-threaded programming as well MAJOR performance improvements that truly make it a top-notch application server. Here's a list of some of the improvements:

BlueDragon 7.0 also includes the following major features and enhancements:

  • CFQUERY enhancements:
    • BACKGROUND attribute for background SQL processing
  • Application.cfc with enhancements:
    • onClientStart event handler
    • onMissingTemplate event handler
  • CFDOCUMENT with enhancements:
    • PNG and JPEG output formats
  • CFCHART with enhancements:
  • CFSEARCH enhancements:
    • Multi-language support
    • Word and PDF document Support
  • Mac Intel Support
  • CFMX Compatibility Improvements
  • Performance Enhancements

NA has also revamped the pricing for the BD Standard edition from CPU-based to Server-based!!

Another exciting development is that for a limited time, you can trade-in your ColdFusion license for a brand-spanking-new BlueDragon license! Have a valid CF5 license you'd like to trade-in for a new BlueDragon 7 license? Have an existing ColdFusion MX subscription due to expire? Receive a free BlueDragon 7 license when you renew your subscription
with New Atlanta. You can find more details here!

You can download a trial version of BlueDragon 7.0 via the BlueDragon Download Page.

You can also read New Atlanta's press release here:

BlueDragon 7.0 Press Release

Congratulations on this great release New Atlanta!

How to Promote ColdFusion

Guys, since launching, the list of CFML-based sites has grown tremendously. Thats VERY cool and its obviously exciting to see so many sites, both old and new, using CF-technologies at their core.

But I want to expand now to start including information on how to introduce CF to new clients, how to keep CF in your workplace, and how to position CF against competitive technologies. With this, I really need the community's help.

Tim Buntel of Adobe has already given me the green light to link to any document on Adobe which is VERY cool. Thanks Tim.

If you have a link, a PDF, a word doc, video or any form of material that can fill this need, please email me at rey {.at.} reybango [dot] com so I can put it up on the site.

I will also be putting up a page to allow document submissions for review.

Lets keep this effort alive and going!

Viva La CFML! – CF Evangelism Site a HUGE Success

Its funny to think that I built over a week ago and I still haven't had a chance to blog about it. Well, between the massive and positive response towards the site, work and a trip to California, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Now I get to discuss it.

For those that don't know about, I built the site as a vehicle for promoting ColdFusion-related technologies. It will be a site for CFML evangelism and knowledge. It will be a site that will let people understand why the CF community loves this engine and why ColdFusion-centric technologies *ARE* an amazing choice for building scalable and engaging websites. To get a real detailed explanation of how the site came about, go here:


Since launching on 2/26/2007, the site has had quite a number of people visiting. This shows that CF is alive and well. That makes me VERY happy. Some quick stats since the site started:

Hits: 35,456
Page views: 6,472
Visitors: 1,313

The “list of sites” has grown from 0 to 555 sites in just 8 days and continues to grow at a nice clip. Again, this is VERY exciting since it provides further evidence that CF is being actively used to build web prescences.

There's still more work to do, though, as I want to include the following:

  • Information on how to position CF within your company

  • Information on specific features that make CF better than other technologies
  • Case studies on successful implementations of CF
  • More “Powered by” buttons
  • Banner ads that can be added to your site to promote your favorite CF engine

I really need the help of the community though. If you have any of the information above and would like to contibute to it to the effort, please email me at rey [at] reybango [*dot*] com. Even links pointing to these types of resources are useful so please take a couple of minutes to help out.

One other VERY IMPORTANT thing that I need is Adobe's involvement. I've sent numerous emails out and haven't received a reply. I'm a little perplexed by this. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt but its a little disconcerting not to have received some type of feedback from them. Adobe???

I have received official support from New Atlanta and Railo, to which I am VERY grateful.

I want to specifically thank Andy Matthews for his GREAT assistance while I was out. He's the one that built the grouping functionality and row coloring on the site list while I was away. He also moderated the ever growing site list. Many thanks Andy!!!

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