Approaching 1000 Sites – Contest/Prizes

I'm very happy to announce that, the site dedicated to promotion CF-based technology, is just 10 sites shy of reaching 1000 CFML-Powered sites. This is really an awesome achievement and helps to show that CF-technologies are very relevant in today's Internet development efforts.

To commemorate the 1000th site submission, Adobe has generously donated a Adobe laptop-ready backpack filled with Adobe goodness (small promo items, t-shirts, etc…). Also, Will Tomlinson of ColdFusionGear has graciously donated Got ColdFusion? mugs and tshirts.

So here's the way this will work:

  • The submitter for site 1,000 will get the Adobe backpack and a GotColdFusion? coffee mug

I will then give prizes to the next five “unique” submitters
irregardless of site position. By unique submitters, I mean five different people.

The prizes for that will be as follows:

  • Submitter #1 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt and a Got ColdFusion? coffee mug
  • Submitter #2 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt
  • Submitter #3 will get a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt
  • Submitter #4 will get a Got ColdFusion? tshirt
  • Submitter #5 will get a “What Would Ben Do” tshirt

The rules:

  • The submission must be for a “CFML-powered” site which is not already on the list
  • The site MUST be predominantly CFML-powered. If it has one CFM page in it with the rest powered by another technology, then it won't qualify.
  • It must follow the guidelines listed here:

  • You MUST provide your email address when submitting so I can get a hold of you. If you don't enter your email address, you will not be eligible.
  • When contacted, you have 5 days to reply with a shipping address. If no reply is received, a new winner will be chosen for the respective prize
  • Employees of Adobe, New Atlanta, Railo, the Smith Project, and any CF application server project/maker are not eligible.

The winners will be announced on CF-Talk on Friday, August 17th, 2007.

The prizes will be shipped anywhere in the world via standard postal service.

I want to thank everyone for their support and look forward to continuing the effort of promoting CF-technologies to the development community.

Rey Bango