How to Promote ColdFusion

Guys, since launching, the list of CFML-based sites has grown tremendously. Thats VERY cool and its obviously exciting to see so many sites, both old and new, using CF-technologies at their core.

But I want to expand now to start including information on how to introduce CF to new clients, how to keep CF in your workplace, and how to position CF against competitive technologies. With this, I really need the community's help.

Tim Buntel of Adobe has already given me the green light to link to any document on Adobe which is VERY cool. Thanks Tim.

If you have a link, a PDF, a word doc, video or any form of material that can fill this need, please email me at rey {.at.} reybango [dot] com so I can put it up on the site.

I will also be putting up a page to allow document submissions for review.

Lets keep this effort alive and going!

Viva La CFML!