Which Browser Extensions do Web Developers Use?

NOTE: This is about extensions you use for web development, not typical ones like LastPass, Adblock or Ghostery.

As the developer tools inside browsers have matured and become feature-rich, the reliance on 3rd party extensions to fill the gaps has gone down considerably with most extensions being only needed for specific use cases (e.g.: framework-specific). Since Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge will eventually get extensions, I wanted to do a quick check to see what extensions are important to web developers. So with that, I ask the question:

“Which DEVELOPER-CENTRIC browser extensions are you using & can’t live without and how frequently do you use them?”

Answer in the comments please.

Rey Bango


  1. Mostly Firefox: Firebug, Web Developer, Adblock Plus, Session Manager, TextArea Cache, Easy Screenshot, CollorZilla, MeasureIt, Empty Cache Button, Pocket, LastPass, Xmarks, Private Tab, Tab Mix Plus, CSS Reloader. Based on comments above, I’ll try uBlock, FontFace and OneTab :)

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