I let a lot of things slide mainly because I’ve been around enough to know some things are beyond your control. But today, the folks at disappointed me. I’ve ordered plenty of PC gear from them and they’re generally very good. So when I saw the following, I was surprised to say the least:



The fact that the box was all messed up, while not a good situation, didn’t really concern me because NewEgg always does a great job of packing stuff to prevent damage. They also have very good customer service so if something got lost, I’m sure they would’ve replaced it.

What did bother me was the following:


That is just a terrible packing job and in my opinion is a sign of pure laziness. How the heck would anyone feel it’s okay to stick in a bunch of packing, lay the ordered product on the top of it and just close the box?! That’s a recipe for disaster. Having worked at UPS when I was younger, I know how packages are handled and that is NOT the best way to ensure something goes undamaged. Very disappointing.

When I spoke to a customer service rep about all of this, I have to say that I just got the feeling that it wasn’t a concern to them. She did offer me a $5 credit but really wasn’t interested in getting the pics that I took until I pressed her on it.

I just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come since it’s one of my favorite sites to purchase equipment from.

Update: I received a call from NewEgg the next day and they’ve totally redeemed themselves.

Rey Bango


  1. That’s sad, I have always had a great experience with Newegg, and like you said they have always had good packing. Hopefully someone from Newegg will see this who cares about the reputation their company receives. Hopefully it wasn’t damaged beyond the packing.

  2. Was the product damaged? Doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s heavy enough to make it matter.

    • @morgamic: Luckily no. It was just a light microphone. I was bothered by the packing job they did and the fact that they seemed to not really care about the issue.

  3. I tried to order from them the other day and I never got a confirmation screen or anything to say that the order had even been placed. The only way I found out it was not placed was because they never charged my credit card. Not good.

    Needless to say I bought somewhere else.

  4. Hmm. No harm no foul, then. Unless you want to call their packing manager and berate him/her about their packing techniques. :)

    • Well, I think companies should be made aware of these things and, at the very least, show some concern when someone mentions it. I tend to let a lot of things slide but in this case, I think it deserves a little attention ;)

  5. Dear Rey Bango,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your kind review. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this packing of your order may of caused you. At your earliest convenience please contact me personally at or via phone at 800-390-1119 ext 25040 so I may further assist you in this matter.


    Newegg Support

  6. Had a similar experience quite recently. Bought a $900 UPS unit, weighing probably 100lbs, with “Special delivery”… So special, the bottom of the box was hanging by one staple, luckily it was heavy enough to not move around much…
    My guess is probably some employee somewhere is not quite up to par, and it reflects poorly on the company…
    Newegg are doing a great job though, hiccups and all.

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