A Redesigned Add-ons Site and Add-on Collections

Last night we rolled out a major redesign of Mozilla’s add-on site AMO. This was a huge release meant to not only provide a much better UI but also to improve organization and discoverability of add-ons. Over the last several months, we collected quite a bit of feedback on what worked and what didn’t work on AMO and did our best to improve the experince and with some great help from the Clearleft team, I think we’ve done a great job of addressing the needs.

Add-on Collections

Update: There was a quirk in the Add-on Collector add-on that in some cases prevented a user from logging in. This has been fixed and we recommend updating to Add-on Collector v1.0.2+.

One of the coolest features that we’re especially excited about is Collections. With Collections, you’ll be able to create a list of your favorite add-ons and publish them to the web for others to use. The concept is all about sharing and if you really think about it, it falls squarely in line with what’s really great about the web. You can now make it insanely easy to expose your friends & families to really useful add-ons by organizing them in an easy-to-discover tool. The added benefit is the trust factor. If you’re like me, your friends & families trust your judgment (we hope!) and always ask about cool apps to install. Well, with Collections, you no longer have to send them an email with a long list of add-ons to install. Just point them to your collections and they’re all set. Collections are managed via the Mozilla Add-on Collector add-on so be sure to install that and fire up a new collection. You should check out the videos below for more details:

Add-on Collections: Overview from Justin Scott on Vimeo.

Add-on Collections II: Sharing & Publishing from Justin Scott on Vimeo.

Add-on Collections III: Auto-publishing from Justin Scott on Vimeo.

Rey Bango


  1. I can’t log in using the collection add-on. It indefinitely hangs at the login phase after I enter my credentials.

  2. It’s a shame the Collections area doesn’t use InstallerTrigger.install to install multiple extensions with a single click, it would have made it a bit slicker.

  3. The old Addons site is way much better and usable. Please rollback to the previous version ASAP.

    – Listing do not show anymore the ‘updated date’,
    – Listing do not show anymore the ‘version number’

    Why is it that each time AMO is redesign, the same newbie mistakes are made?

  4. Why is that as soon as one con of an update is found that the whole update has to be thrown out? That’s a terrible way of dealing with bugs.

    Keep the current AMO, but just add back the missing info. There you go. Current AMO stays and the problems gets resolved.

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