Woah, I Can Test Edge & IE on a Mac & Linux!

I recently gave a talk at the Microsoft Edge Web Summit on how to best test Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge web browsers on OS X & Linux. Virtualization is still a key part of the testing strategy as those browsers will only run on Windows but hopefully my talk will make it easier to discover resources and tools for making testing easier. We’re especially excited about Vorlon.js which allows for remote debugging of sites across any type of device. Pretty neat stuff and I plan on writing a post about it soon. Here’s the video:

If you’re looking for the slide deck, I put it up on SlideShare.

Rey Bango


  1. Thank you for presenting and sharing this.

    You mentioned a few times in your talk that you were frustrated when people asked you what resources were available to them as developers. I went on a scavenger hunt around modern.ie and insider.windows.com and all I found was a message that told me that because we’re so close to Windows 10 release-time, I can’t download an ISO to test how my site is handled on Edge. As a developer, this is very frustrating to hear that my options are to A) Wait until Win10 ships so I can have a fun sort of speed challenge to fix live browser issues, or B) Subscribe to Browserstack.

    Is there a way to test my site now locally?

    • Hey Ian, the Windows Insider program has been temporarily suspended while we work to get things ready for shipping Windows 10. It would’ve been ideal if you would’ve jumped on getting the ISO earlier and signed up for the program but I know everyone’s schedule is crazy. I expect that program will reopen soon enough since we want folks testing Win10 & MS Edge so bear with us.

  2. Haha, yes, I agree, it would definitely be better for me to already have the ISO. I’ll try to remember to periodically check for the Insider program to open back up.

    If Microsoft wants people testing Edge, pulling the ISO sends a very confusing message. I’m sure it seemed like a good decision to whoever made it, but I feel like there’s probably a lot of folks in my position who feel otherwise.

    Thanks for the quick response, I’ll do what I can with Browserstack in the meantime.

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