JSConf: It’s about friends and family

jsconf-nav-logoAs a developer advocate, I spend a lot of time at conferences. In most cases, especially with REALLY big ones, the ability to really connect with someone is incredibly tough just due to the shear number of people you see and meet.

JSConf is different. It always has been and I hope that it always will be. It’s specifically meant to allow you to connect with “people“. Notice that I didn’t say “developers”. At JSConf, I don’t feel like I’m there to talk with “developers”. I’ve become friends over the years with many of the attendees and every event has allowed me to meet new and awesome people. The conversations may at some point get technical but also focus heavily on our personal lives, be it careers, kids, health or even man-hair crushes (I’m looking at you Anton). And the best part is that most want to hear about that and we’re all seeing each other grow as human beings as the years go by.

It’s what I love about JSConf because there’s no pressure. When you see your friends bringing their families to enjoy the beach or parks, it really puts a different perspective on things. It helps to slow things down and allow you to appreciate the short time that you have to catch-up with those who you may only see once a year, but in some cases have had a profound impact on your life.

I’m grateful to Chris, Laura, Virginia and Cameron Williams for helping me feel that way. You guys are wonderful and looking at you during the event made me realize how special you are and how amazingly special JSConf is. Thank you.

Rey Bango