Interested in Ember.js? Check out my Tutorial Series.

ember-productivity-smWith the concept of web-based single-page apps really picking up steam, I started looking into frameworks that would make building them easier. Ember.js is one of these and I’ve really grown to like it. It does have a learning curve but it’s power and flexibility make it worthwhile. I’m also good friends with Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale who are the leads for Ember so I can ping them for feedback regularly.

As I’ve gone along learning Ember, I’ve created a series to help others based on my experiences. If you’re interested in Ember, checkout my tutorials below:

Getting into Ember.js – Part 1
Getting into Ember.js – Part 2
Getting into Ember.js – Part 3
Getting into Ember.js – Part 4

Ember Support

If you need help, be sure to join the Ember discussion forum. Lots of smart Ember developers there.

Rey Bango