Back at Microsoft…

What a whirlwind day it’s been. As I mentioned earlier, Friday was my last day at Microsoft so I could chase the dream of programming in Clipper and MS-DOS. I was just about to push the “Buy it Now!” button on an eBay auction for Clipper 3.5″ disks when I got the call from my former manager Jeff Sandquist promising an endless supply of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and 30 26.5 ounce bottles of Nutella if I came back to Microsoft. He also said he would force Nishant to report to Clint going forward. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse so starting this afternoon, I’m back at my original role at Microsoft.

It was an exciting day indeed and I’ll look back on Clipper fondly but I know where I’m needed…at Microsoft and pushing for the open web!

Rey Bango


  1. I admit, you freaked me out this morning (but only for a minute, I swear!). Gotta love April 1st; even when I know it’s coming, somebody, somewhere, manages to get me at least once. Glad you’re back in the belly of the beast – it needs bowels like you ;) Totally a compliment, I swear.

  2. Boy does that bring back the memories…..I might even be able to find the Clipper disk’s at work, but no idea if they could still be read after so long…..over 20 years ago…..

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