MIX11: So long MIX, Can’t Wait to See You Next Year

Today’s the last day of MIX11 and it was clearly evident. The rooms weren’t nearly as full as the first two days but there were still plenty of folks and great sessions going on. I gave my session on HTML5 polyfills and shims. Feedback seemed really good so I’m happy to have had the opportunity to present and want to thank Giorgo Sardo for entrusting me with such an important topic. Some of the feedback:

Attending a cool session by @ReyBango on HTML5 Polyfills and Shims #MIX11 by @anotherlab

@reybango Really enjoyed your talk. Cleared up some questions I had. Great job. by @FwdAnimation

Thanks to @reybango for a good session on #HTML5 polyfills! #MIX11 by @jimfields3

It’s always great to get good feedback and I’m grateful to those that attended and came away with something great from my talk. I was especially impressed by the number of developers who said they were actively using HTML5 and CSS3. It reinforces the need for this type of presentation so that developer can continue to push forward while not leaving their customers, who may not be able to use the latest greatest browser, twiddling their thumbs.

From here I fly off to San Francisco for the jQuery Conference where I’ll give my talk again before heading home. Good times!


Rey Bango