MIX11 Day 1 Recap: IE10 & HTML5

Day 1 at MIX11 was awesome. The vibe was excitely what I expected: awesome and exciting. And the keynte kicked it off with the big news that the next version of Internet Explorer is already in progress and that IE10
Platform Preview 1 is ready for download
. Since the launch of IE9, the concern that I’ve consistently heard from developers is that they expected to wait another 2 years before a new release of Microsoft’s browser. From the tweets I saw yesterday, it seemed like there was a collective sigh of relief to know that a new version is under way and that there’s something to play with right now. Couple that with the list of IE10 features announced like CSS3 3D Transforms & Transitions, Flexbox, and ES5 Strict Mode (and more), and I genuinely feel that developers are excited to see the great progress being made by the IE team. Shoot, even Douglas Crockford is happy! He’s at MIX and I made sure to ask what he thought and he mentioned that the addition of ES5 Strict Mode made him VERY happy…and WE WANT CROCKFORD HAPPY!! :D

Another really cool announcement during the keynote was that Modernizr will be shipped with the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools update. The importance of this can’t be understated. Microsoft has millions of developers building web applications using their tools and the fact that Modernizr will be shipped in Microsoft tooling is a HUGE validation to the work done by the Modernizr team as well as the importance of HTML5 to the future of web applications.

HTML5 is a hot topic with a ton of sessions focusing on the specification. I’ll be presenting on HTML5 polyfills and shims tomorrow to show developers how to leverage HTML5 while still supporting sites in non-modern browsers. It’s incredibly exciting (and intimidating) to be presenting to such a large group of developer so wish me luck!!

Interestingly, I kept hearing people mention the Knockout.js MVC/MVVM Framework for managing your code organization and providing data-binding. I hadn’t heard of it so I’m definitely going to have to check it out.

More to come later….


Rey Bango

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