Something Just Came Over Me…

I did an interview with James Senior on Microsoft’s Channel 9. We chatted about Script Junkie, the site I manage for Microsoft. We also chatted about the jQuery conference and how awesome it was going to be. Then, in the last 30 seconds of the interview, something just came over me. Well, Ralph Whitbeck though it would be awesome to create a video of that “special part” and air it to the jQuery Conference attendees. Here is his handy work:

Rey Bango


  1. It played on loop for 20 minutes and Rey received about 20 tweets telling him how great his dancing was.

  2. the arm swinging was epic. and the fact that Ralph through it on loop for EVERYONE to see! haha

  3. FWIW: The link to the channel 9 site is https. I tried in Firefox and IE. When the page loads you get one of those mixed security messages. I wasn’t able to get the video to play regardless of what my choice was in the security prompt, I get a Media Failure message in the video player.

    However, if you access via http (no s), then the video does play fine, so perhaps the link in the post can be updated.

    • Thanks Danilo. I’ve updated the link and it seems to work fine even as just HTTP. Give it a shot and let me know if it works.

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