JSConf 2010 – Video Interviews with Top JavaScript Developers

While at JSConf 2010, I was able to interview some great developers who are really making an impact on client-side development. I’ve posted the video interviews below and I hope you like them. I want to thank all of my guests for taking the time to speak with me and share some great insights into what they’re working on.

JSConf 2010 Organizer Chris Williams

Tom Occhino & Makinde Adeagbo of Facebook

Kyle Simpson – Creator of LabJS

JSConf Interview – Kyle Simpson from Rey Bango on Vimeo.

Jeffrey Van Gogh & Matthew Podwysocki talk about RxJS – Reactive Extensions for JavaScript

Pete Higgins – Lead Developer of the Dojo Toolkit

John-David Dalton, creator of FuseJS Part 1 of 2

John-David Dalton, creator of FuseJS Part 2 of 2

Rey Bango