Happy Birthday Dad. We Miss You.

pics 131 Today, my dad would’ve turned 67. It’s the first birthday we’ll celebrate without him. As the day goes by, the realization that he’s no longer with us really sets in. I know this day is going to be very rough for all of us, especially my mom. She’s experiencing a whole different level of sorrow than my brothers & I.

My youngest brother already sent me a text message this morning with a simple “I miss him” but simple as it may be, a text message on the phone, I know what he’s feeling on the other side of that line because I’m feeling the same way. I know my brother Rick is also down. I don’t need to ask him. I just know because he was taking care of my dad till his final days. Today is a tough day for him too.

Dad, we miss you so much but we know you’re better off now. A couple of things that I would’ve given you today:

A bottle of Jovan, your favorite cologne. As much as we tried to get you to switch to something cooler, you loved your Jovan:

Kisses and hugs from your 8 grandchildren (yep even the one that’s coming soon from Rick & Cindy):
pics 196

Another day in North Carolina:

More time being harassed by your sons:
pics 040

Enchilado de Langosta:

Most of all, I would’ve given you more time with Mom:
pics 134

S30 6-13-04 040

I hope you’re celebrating your butt off today, Dad. Without you, we wouldn’t be here and I appreciate you giving me life. Happy birthday.

Rey Bango

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  1. Hey Rey,
    I know how you feel. I lost my mom to cancer this spring and we celebrated her birthday in August. It is tough going through all the annual events without her. The thought that comforts me time and time again is that she never again has to experience pain, fear, disappointments, etc. She is now truly experiencing Life.

    in Him,

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