New Blog Host. Same Goodness.

Yep there are some big changes being made, mainly driven by pure economics. I’ve decided to shift over to for my blog hosting. I already use WordPress at work and on so it’s a natural fit for me. In addition, I’ve switched my email management to Google Apps which, like, is basically free. It had become increasingly obvious that the expense of a dedicated server wasn’t doable so moving to these services made sense, especially since apart from my blog, I host only one other application, Ben Nadel was kind enough to allow me to host the site on his VPS so that’s one less worry I have. Ben’s a great friend and I appreciate his support.

Yes, times are tough and while I’m not in the poor house, I’m also not flowing in big bucks that could justify the $100 monthly hosting cost. I’ll certainly miss the flexibility of having my own little rental spot on the web but I’m sure I’ll find some other plot of land to call my own for my own little projects.

The main drawback is that I’ve pretty much lost all of the other posts that I’ve done throughout the years. Since this isn’t a WP instance that I’ve installed but a hosted instance at, the scripts that migrate from BlogCFC to WP won’t work. That kind of sucks.

I guess starting fresh has it’s advantages as it allows me to rethink what I want to chat about.

So please be sure to update your feeds so you can keep up with my madness. :)

Rey Bango

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