CFEclipse: How Are You Setting Up Your Dev Environment?

My bud Joe Danziger keeps telling me that I need to jump to Eclipse to get some serious productivity gains. I do actually have the latest version installed but one of the things that has been holding me back from using it is the abysmal FTP support included in Eclipse. For example, using the CFEclipse perspective, I can go to the File Explorer View and define a FTP site. When I try to access it, I wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and then get a java lang null pointer error. WTF?!? In contrast, I spark up CF Studio, select my FTP profile and my dirs immediately come up.

Using CF Studio's FTP connectivity has been a mainstay in my development routines for as long as I've been coding in CFML. So not having that option is a real let down. So I'm going to ask my fellow CF'ers how you setup your CFEclipse environments. Do you use FTP or do you develop locally? Are you using SVN? If so, how is your dev environment setup?

I look forward to hearing your feedback and maybe I'll read something that can help setup a scenario where I feel I can be effective with CFEclipse.

Rey Bango