jQuery & Ext: A JavaScript & Ajax Partnership Made in Heaven

If you're doing any type of Web 2.0/RIA development, then you're bound to know about Jack Slocum's YUI-Ext component library. Its a suite of world class, professionally developed JavaScript controls that truly provide a refined desktop feel to web applications.

Well, the most mature User Interface library for web applications, Ext (aka YUI-Ext), will soon support the lightweight, compact (~19k) and powerful jQuery JavaScript/Ajax framework.

That's right! jQuery and AjaxCFC users will now have a new component suite to use when building their web apps. Here are some of the components you'll be able to use when Ext 1.0 is officially released:

Paged, Dynamic, Grids:

Mixed Content Menus:

Advanced Dialog Layout and Themes:

Message Box Dialog:

Drag-and-Drop Trees:

Beginning with version 1.0 of Ext, it will work as an extension to jQuery as well, allowing jQuery users to leverage the power of the user interface tools available in Ext with the lightweight core library and expressive syntax of the best library for unobtrusive DOM scripting.

This is a HUGE win for both projects and helps to validate the efforts of John & Jack's tremendous work.

For more information, visit the jQuery blog here:


Rey Bango