Is ColdFusion Really Dead?

I was reading Kay Smoljak's recent blog entry, ColdFusion - NOT a steaming pile of... in which she describes her experience with Kevin Yank of Now, a little while ago, Kevin really stirred the pot by calling CF development stagnant and Ben Forta jumped in to counter his views … Continue reading

Ajax: What's the CF Community Using?

I took a very informal poll on CF-Talk to see what Ajax frameworks were being used in the ColdFusion community. The results were interesting but not too surprising. Some were sticking to the CF-based frameworks such as AjaxCFC, CFAjax and the new MXAjax while others were really behind Spry. JQuery … Continue reading

AjaxCFC Debugging Tip

Here's a tip that I wanted to share within everyone here. It may be known but I only found out about it today and wanted to share. If you ever get the dreaded "Invalid Reply from Server" message from AjaxCFC, spark up Firefox/FireBug and call your site from your local IP. This will give you … Continue reading