Fusion Authority Quarterly is the Best ColdFusion Magazine..Period!

Having been a long time reader of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal, I was disappointed with what I felt was a gradual decline in substance & articles coupled with a substantial increase advertisements. I just didn't find the articles as informative as they used to be.

I used to write for the PowerBuilder Developer's Journal (another Sys-Con publication) so I understand the need to justify the costs involved in producing any magazine and granted, its a real pain to find good writers but there also needs to be a balance between good content and paying the bills.

Well, I finally found an awesome replacement to the CFDJ; Its Fusion Authority Quarterly! Not only does it have some of the best minds in the CF community writing in it (eg: Ray Camden, Hal Helms & Sean Corfied (yes Sean I consider you a top mind)), the articles are just awesome! Michael Dinowitz's article on Event Gateways is worth the subscription price alone. Even the material used for the magazine is top notch!

Just go here and subscribe. Its definitely worth it!

I can't wait to dig into this.