Helping Promote Ubiquity

I had the chance to hang out with Aza & Atul over at Mozilla last week and we chatted a bit about evangelism. Having quite a bit of experience with this due to my work with the jQuery project, they were interested in how to best promote Ubiquity and garner more mindshare. One thing led to another and I'm now heading up evangelism for Ubiquity! :D

This won't be my full-time job and I'll be volunteering, just like I do with the jQuery project. But like the jQuery project, I see so much good in Ubiquity and how it can help to shape the way that browsers are used and that gets me excited. The user community is absolutely incredible already having contributed a ton of commands and being extremely supportive. The traction behind Ubiquity is equally impressive. Even prior to my chat with Aza & Atul, I had already seen a number of sites creating their own commands to make their sites easier to use.

I think it's only appropriate that my first Ubiquity blog posting details the great resources available for using, and developing for, Ubiquity:



  • @mozillaubiquity: The main source of news & info about the Ubiquity project via Twitter. Be sure to follow.
  • @azaaza: Mozilla's co-lead developer for the Ubiquity project
  • @toolness: Mozilla's co-lead developer for the Ubiquity project
  • @reybango: Evangelist for the Ubiquity project
  • @theunfocused: Fellow Mozillian Blair McBride
  • @_abi_: Created the Devo Firefox extension which provided a keyboard command launcher similar to what Ubiquity is today.
  • @fernando_takai: Major supporter of Ubiquity.