@gotcfm – The New Twitter Account for ColdFusion News & Evangelism

Just a quick note that I created a new Twitter account (@gotcfm) which will be used to tweet about CF-related news and evangelism. It will be broad reaching focusing on all CFML-based technologies including Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, OpenBD and more.

Be sure to follow the account. If you have interesting CF news that you think should be tweeted, just send a tweet to @gotcfm.

Special thanks to Aaron West and Ben Nadel for helping manage the account.


I just noticed that there's a @cfbloggers Twitter account as well! That is awesome. The reach of @cfbloggers is much more expansive covering all topics posted by specific bloggers. @gotcfm will be a little more narrowly focused but there's no way that it will grab as much CF-related content as @cfbloggers. So I recommend that you follow that account as well. @cfbloggers Twitter account.