@MozAMO: New Twitter Account for Mozilla Add-ons News

I really want to reach out to the web and share some of the awesome things that are happening within the Mozilla add-ons community and in looking at tools that I've used successfully in the past, I'd really have to single out Twitter as being the top medium for getting the word out.

So taking a cue from my work with the jQuery project, I've created a new Twitter account called @mozamo which will allow me to reach out to new and existing add-on users and developers in the hopes of providing as much useful information as possible. The hard part about using Twitter though is that getting a following tends to be driven mainly by word-of-mouth, hence the reason that I wanted to blog about it and make sure that the readers of my blog knew about this new resource.

I really do find that most people truly underestimate the Mozilla add-ons ecosystem and don't understand the breadth of investment that goes into making a successful add-ons. While many are developed by hobbyist, there's also a growing number of companies that are relying heavily on the Mozilla platform for the success of their business. It's been a real eye-opening experience interacting with these developers and I'm hoping that by broadcasting lots of information out, I can help to motivate more developers to participate in creating extensions that will make the Mozilla experience that much better.

So couple this with our Mozilla about:addons newsletter and I think we're providing some very good methods of getting the word out.

If you have other suggestions for reaching the add-ons audience, I'm all ears and would love to hear your suggestions.