ColdFusion-Powered Get's More Ajax Goodness

I just read that Ian Smith, creator of CF-Powered Joe's Goals, has given the site a bit of a face lift and has released v2.0 into closed beta.

This is a complete rebuild of the core application with an emphasis on speed, ease of use, and scalability. Here are the major changes currently in the testing version:

  1. Speed Speed Speed! 2.0 is a full Ajax application, no more waiting around for page refreshes.
  2. Improved stats including a longest chain stat for positive goals and longest gap stat for negative goals.
  3. Lighter design means there are less links to deal with and better clarity. Goals can now be edited by clicking on their name instead of on the options link.
  4. Customizable display options means you can pick which stats you want to watch for each goal.
  5. Printable tracker for those who like to work on a hard copy during the week and update their tracker on the weekend.
  6. You can also switch back and forth between 2.0 and the classic version until everyone gets ported over.

I'll be checking this update out as Ian has given me early access to it and writing up some feedback over on soon.