Pownce API Released.

The Pownce team released version 1 of the Pownce API yesterday. The API allows for various methods of retrieving Pownce-related data such as notes, users or fans and allows for return data to be formatted as XML or JSON. Since the API will be evolving quickly, the team has also taken the added step of providing versioning for requests to ensure a level of backward compatibility when a new version of the Pownce API is released. Features soon to follow include:

  • More response formats.
  • Authentication via OAuth.
  • APIs for posting notes.
  • APIs for getting friends-only and private notes.

In addition, a new Fan Project page has been created to allow new projects to be featured. There's currently one application on the page, iPownce (Pownce for iPhone), but undoubtedly this page will fill up quickly.

To get the latest news about the API, be sure to sign-up to the PownceAPI Google group.