Ext JavaScript Library v2.0: A Preview

Several of you have been astounded by CF8's new data grid UI control but what many may not know is that the grid is powered by the Ext JavaScript library. That's right, Ext v1.0 is included in CF8 and helps to power some of the nice UI controls you're leveraging at this moment.

While those controls sure look great, they're nowhere near the flexibility and power of the newest version, Ext v2.0. The Ext team has really focused on enhancing the desktop-like experience that Ext already provides by introducing new functionality, improving performance and keeping the overall file size down.

With new features such as Grouping & Group Summary, Scrolling Tabs, and columns with tree controls, this latest version is sure to wow developers with its rich UI capabilities.

For a full rundown of these features, be sure to visit the blog entry at the Ext website.

Also, Dion Almaer, co-founder of Ajaxian.com, did a great writeup of Ext v2.0 as well as the video you see below: