Holy Compression Batman!

So I needed to look into compression techniques for IIS and I decided to enable HTTP compression via IIS. I followed the steps outlined in this article:

IIS Compression in IIS6.0

restarted IIS and was COMPLETELY floored by the results. The main page of Gotcfm.com which already was a nice & trim 105k shrunk down to less than half of that!! It now comes it at a tiny 45k, JS & CSS included! WOAH!!

Now before you run out and go crazy adding compression, be sure to test out your prod code on a dev server. Compression can mess with your files in unexpected ways, especially files that have been previously minified or packed.

Update: So enabling compression somehow messed up my RSS feed for the blog. As soon as I disabled it, the RSS feed worked perfectly. I'll have to probe this a little further.