Compressing Spry's JavaScript Files Part 2

Last month I set out to see how far I could compress the CF8 JavaScript files. As many have come to find out, the YUI, Ext and Spry JS files can be rather large and I wanted to bring them down as much as possible.

As I was reading Ajaxian today, I saw a post about a new compressor called YUI Compressor which is a Java-based application which helps to greatly minify your JavaScript code. In speaking to my friend Tane Piper, he told me that he saw *amazing* results when he used it against his jQuery plugins. So I had to give this a shot against the CF8 files.

I immediately tried it against Spry's largest file, SpyData.js, and here were my results:

SpryData.js uncompressed: 126k
SpryData.js minified: 66k

Woah! Almost a 50% reduction in size.

I then tried it against the Dojo ShrinkSafe version of SpyData.js that I had created last month:

SpryData.js compressed with ShrinkSafe: 72k
SpryData.js minified: 64k

Wow, even more reduction if I run through the file through ShrinkSafe first!

I did try this on the Ext-All.js file and also saw a reduction of 30k in an already compressed file!

This is really a good utility to have and the results are outstanding. I would say to use this in conjunction with another packer and some http compression for really boosting performance on your web apps.

*** NOTE: If you're going to use this, please be sure to backup your existing CF8 JavaScript files just in case something doesn't work as expected.

YUI Compressor