ColdFusion Upgrade Gotcha

I'm testing out the upgrade process from CFMX 6.1 to CFMX 7 on one of my servers. I've never done an upgrade before. Normally, its an uninstall of the prior version and a clean install of the latest.

After getting lots of feedback from some very knowledgeable folks including Dave Watts, Rob Gonda, Jared Rypka-Hauer and Dan Switzer, I felt that doing a side-by-side install would be the best route.

Sure enough, the install went smoothly and everything was dandy. The new CFMX 7 admin migrated all of the CFMX 6.1 settings and all was good in upgrade land.

So, I decided to blow away CFMX 6.1 and went through the uninstall process. That went smooth. I rebooted my server, brought up my browser, hit the cf admin link and….404!!! WHAT?!?! Hmm. Maybe something went crazy with the 7.0.2 updater. CFM pages were still being processed so that looked fine. The services were all running correctly.

I went into IIS to ensure nothing was up with the site itself and when I hit the site, I see two stop signs indicating erros with CFIDE & CFDOCS. Oh no!! That can't be right. When I went to the document root, the CFIDE folder was MISSING!!!! The uninstall of CFMX 6.1 removed my CFMX 7 \CFIDE folder!!!! Ugh!

This is why I believe in running these types of things in a test environment first. Had I done this on our production box, it would've posed some very serious problems. While I'm not thrilled about reinstall CFMX 7, I am VERY happy that I found this “gotcha” before upgrading in production.