Think before you post on the Net

Its beyond comprehension how people seem to completely lose their minds when doing stuff on the Internet. Guys, seriously, YOU NEED TO THINK BEFORE POSTING ON THE INTERNET.

Mashable is running a story on a student that was denied her teaching degree the day before graduation because of a picture that she posted on her MySpace profile:

Woman Sues University Over MySpace Controversy

While I think the university's reasons are utter BS, people need to start becoming more responsible with their lives. Seriously, if you plan on succeeding in your career, its *NOT* okay to post pics of your crazy and wild frat days with beer kegs in the background and some naked person hanging on to you. It *WILL* be view as a poor reflection on you and employers will use that to determine if you're a responsible person or not. Whether its right to use that against you is irrelevant. Its a fact of life. I wouldn't go into a job interview or tell a potential client about a wild party I had the night before so why would I even consider posting a picture of that??!!?

In the case of this young lady, the picture, IMO, doesn't encourage underage drinking at all and obviously some prude at this university has their hat on too tight but it goes to show how someone's skewed perception of morality can adversely effect your life.

Seriously people, get your act together.