Twitter Can Bite You on the Butt

Ever posted something online or sent off an email and then realized you had ROYALLY messed up?? Well thanks to the new push for openness, transparency and social involvement, we now have a new service to catch our butts with; Twitter.

ValleyWag has an interesting tale of how a very high ranking executive at PR firm Edelman Public Relations basically made a MAJOR faux paus by posting a quick blurb about Edelman client PC Magazine on Twitter. Well, I think you can guess that it got back to the head honchos at PC Magazine who were none too happy. You see their reaction here:

This is such a great example of why the everyone needs to take a step back and really re-evaluate what you say on the web. There are so many services nowadays that make it so easy to post about yourself and if you're not careful, you may just say something that will come back to haunt you.

While many dotcoms like Twitter would love nothing more than for you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, you really need to think about the consequences involved by posting up your personal affairs on a medium that actively logs EVERYTHING you post. Once you press submit, its on the Net for everyone to see and its damn near impossible to get rid of anything you post nowadays.

Seriously, think before you post. Nobody wants to know about some strange litterbox fetish you may had or the fact that you picked up extra absorbent adult diapers before going home. Some things need to stay private and don't let the Web teach you otherwise.