Adobe Apollo VS. Dekoh Desktop: The Gloves Come Off

Read/Write Web has a write up comparing Apollo and Dekoh Desktop. While the writeup was interesting, the comments proved much more entertaining as Adobe's Mike Chambers & John Dowdell chimed in to clear up some misconceptions about Apollo and put the feature comparison into proper perspective.
One of the biggest arguments mentioned in favor of Dekoh was the fact that its open source and honestly I don't buy that argument. Just because a product is open source doesn't give it an edge. If that were the case, Gimp would be the preferred photo editing tool and Linux would be the de facto standard for the desktop. I think open source definitely has its merits but its not without its drawbacks. And I think Adobe has done a fine job of managing Flash and I think Apollo will do just fine even though its proprietary.
Either way, it looks like Dekoh is ready to go toe-to-toe with Adobe in the desktop/web apps space and its going to be interesting to see who takes the lead.
You can check it out here:

Dekoh Challenges Apollo As Desktop/Web Platform