Holy Cow! Another CF Big-Wig Using the jQuery Ajax Library

First it was Rob Gonda. Next, Joe Danziger saw the light. Then Dan Switzer joined the fray. Then I find Tony Petruzzi doing some VERY cool stuff.

Now super rock star ColdFusion expert Ben Nadel has joined the growing list of notable CF'ers using jQuery for their Ajax & Javascript needs.

Seriously folks, its a fact that the folks that I've listed are industry respected experts and sharp as a tack. There are plenty of libraries to choose from and they've made a concious decision to use the jQuery in conjunction with ColdFusion for their development efforts. Why? Simple:

  • Extremely powerful with full support for CSS 1-3 Selectors and some basic XPath, allowing you do to expressions like: $(“div:not([a.error])”)
  • Impressive set of DOM manipulators, allowing you do to expressions like this, without batting an eye: $(“select”).append(““);
  • Lightweight (only 19k)
  • Amazing user community
  • Dedicated project team
  • Up-to-Date, consolidated and thorough documentation
  • A ton of UI controls and widgets
  • Tutorials galore
  • Introductory sites for the new jQuery developer

And with Rob Gonda releasing AjaxCFC for jQuery, there's no reason why you shouldn't take a look at this great library.

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