jQuery Ajax AutoComplete Redone by Dan G. Switzer

Dan G. Switzer of qForms fame has recently been cranking up code using the jQuery Ajax/JS library.

He's released a refactored version of Dylan Verheul's jQuery Autcomplete plug-in which:

  • Supports local data array (can now use w/out AJAX).
  • Limit dropdown to XX number of results (good for limiting the results to users)
  • Autofill pre-populates text box as you type
  • New findValue() method can be used to programmatically determine if the value in the box is a valid option. (Useful for verifying the text entered is an existing value option.)
  • Dropdown options now correctly re-position themselves on each display (which means they adjust for changing to the DOM)
  • Dropdown box defaults to the width of the input field its attached to(you can manually specify a larger width as well)
  • Better emulates Windows autocomplete boxes (for example: hitting delete and retyping the same box will now bring back the dropdown menu)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

You can see the demo and download the code here:
Dan G. Switzer's AutoComplete Mod

Great work Dan!