Adobe Comes Through…

Ealier today, I posted about how I felt that Adobe was completely dropping the ball by charging MAX attendees for Flex posters at the conference. Anyone that read my post would know that I wasn't too happy to see this behavior, especially from a company as successful as Adobe.

Well, in the same way that I post the negative side of some things, I also like to post the good. I'm pleased to say that Adobe has had a change of heart and decided to offer MAX attendees these awesome posters for free.

I'm glad that Adobe has re-evaluated their position and chosen to provide these tools (yes, I see these posters as tools) at no charge. I don't know if my posting had any effect on this decision but the good thing is that Flex developers will be able to benefit from what appears to be some great documentation.

Kudos Adobe and thank you for re-evaluating this position.