Ajax on Your Mobile Devices: Opera 9 for Devices

I recall just a couple of days ago someone telling me that Ajax won't play nice on mobile devices and thought to myself, “Damn, he's right and that stinks”. Well, looks like Opera, the makers of the Opera browser, have something to say about that:

“In addition to bringing the full Internet to devices, Opera 9 for Devices serves as a powerful execution environment for AJAX, Web applications and dynamic user interfaces.”

Many of you may only know of the Opera desktop browser but Opera is also a big player in the mobile industry. This opens up the door to expand Ajax-powered applications beyond just the PC and provide solutions to a multitude of devices normally locked down by propietary environments.

So, it looks like my options for running those 37signals Ajax-powered apps just grew exponentially! ;)

You can check out the full press release here:


In addition, Opera signed a reseller agreement to that would allow the Opera for Devices SDK to support the Macromedia® Flash® Player 7 SDK from Adobe. More choices for RIAs!