Why jQuery Rocks or How I Got Joe Danziger to Convert

Joe Danziger is a very well-known Ajax advocate in the ColdFusion community whose produced some really awesome ColdFusion/Ajax articles for sys-con and helped spread the word about Ajax and CF via his site. Well, in my efforts to get people turned on to the jQuery Ajax/Javascript Library I pinged Joe the other day to see when he'd give this awesome framework a once over.

Lo and behold, I get a reply back and when I check out his blog, he's spouting all types of jQuery goodness! You can check it out here:

Why jQuery Rocks.

Make that two on my list of notable converts! Rob Gonda, the creator of AjaxCFC, was the first one and during dinner with him last night, he told me that he uses it all of the time. Sweet!

Seriously folks, if you're doing Ajax or just thinking about it, you need to do yourself a favor and hop on over to:


It has awesome Ajax capabilities but its strongest feature is its DOM-centric approach. Ajax is only a small part of doing Ajax development and you're going to need to dig into javascript and the DOM sooner or later. jQuery makes it SUBSTANTIALLY easier.

The community is awesome and we're starting to get a number of CF notables over there. Of late, I've seen:

Christopher Jordan
Andy Matthews
Rick Faircloth

all of which are regular contributors on CF-Talk. So be comfortable in the fact that you'll have CF-knowledgeable people there to watch your back.