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DiggTop: Very Cool Apollo Application

Mashable had a very cool posting about 7 new services built with the week-old Digg API. One of them really stuck out, at least for me, because of its use of Adobe Apollo.

DiggTop is a very cool application that lets you check out Digg articles via the desktop as opposed to sparking up a web browser. While I don't think its revolutionary, I do think its a good example of an Apollo app that *I* would find extremely useful. Digg is a monster to navigate at times and the DiggTop UI just makes it so much nicer to navigate.

Also, if you're into building RIAs and Web 2.0-style web apps, you should really be checking out Mashable. It truly is an up and coming social network news site and I've been finding the content much more timely, focused, and precise than TechCrunch, Read/Write Web or ValleyWag. Also Pete Cashmore, owner of Mashable, is *VERY* active with his users and actually responds to emails. Considering that his inbox must be swamped, I find the latter to be very refreshing and indicative of a person that understands how important his community is. Great job Pete.

Diving into Flex; Ryan Stewart Still In Shock

Over the last year, I've had many conversations about Flex with the likes of Ryan Stewart and Rob Gonda. Now these are two guys that I REALLY respect and because of that, I've decided to take a serious look at Flex 2.
I don't have anything specific to build at the moment but I want to determine where I can fit it into future projects. The fact that ScrapBlog used it with much success really helped convince me that Flex is a great RIA platform.
I'm certainly not stopping my Ajax work as I think Ajax, JavaScript & DOM manipulation is still EXTREMELY important in building engaging web applications but I do want to explore additional options that will let me provide more of the client/server functionality that I used to build with PowerBuilder.
Wish me luck!

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