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The OpenBD Issue – My Reply to Alan Williamson


I am responding to your recent post and attempt to introduce yourself to the CFML community. I think it's a good start but I think it's still lacking and you've not addressed the most pressing matters adequately.

I've been a long time advocate of New Atlanta and BlueDragon. In fact, I was one of the original Team BlueDragon members and had frequent chats w/ Vince about BD. I've even openly come down on Macromedia and Adobe for what I considered poor stewardship of the ColdFusion application server.

With that said, the issues that you and the OpenBD project are experiencing are directly correlated to recent comments that were posted by Sean Corfield outlining your supposed views of the ColdFusion community.

To quote from Sean's blog, he asserts that these are your feelings:

“He's “sick and tired of hearing about the 'CF community'”. He feels the “so called 'rock stars' within the CF community are just a lot of empty vessels”.”

Now in reading this, I look at it as either something you said was taken out of context or these are your true feelings about developers who have been using ColdFusion-based technology and have invested time and effort in promoting the technology. Just to be clear, Adobe ColdFusion developers are the predominant users of the CFML language and while BD & Railo developers developers also enjoy the language, Adobe ColdFusion developers make up the majority.

I am truly hoping that your comments were taken out of context because it would be hard for me to understand how someone who admittedly has such a massive disconnect from the CFML community would call the top talent in the ColdFusion community “empty vessels”. After 10 years as a member of the CF community, I consider myself in this top tier and I wouldn't call myself an “empty vessel”.

Your post has done nothing to address these assertions and while I can understand you've been disconnected from the CF/CFML community, I believe that until you've properly addressed those comments, the OpenBD project will continue to have a black eye.

So for the sake of the volunteers that are so committed to the OpenBD effort, please provide an adequate explanation of the comments posted by Sean. They were supposedly made in the OpenBD private mailing list so at the moment we're all going on hearsay, albeit hearsay from one of the top talents and most reputable people in the CFML community. Brushing it off as not fitting your personality or attitude isn't a sufficient answer.

To the OpenBD Steering Committee, I would urge you to once again press this issue with Alan and ensure proper transparency.

Picked up by Fullasagoog!

Its been a long wait but I got an email today from Geoff Bowers letting me know that I was now being picked up by Fullasagoog! :)

Great blog! Consider yourself Goog'd!

While I've been on MXNA, ColdFusionBloggers and Feed Squirrel for awhile (and I appreciate you guys for it), it's awesome to be aggregated by the Goog.

Thanks Geoff.

Thanks Steve Levithan for the JavaScript Book!

I wanted to thank uber-coder Steve Levithan for his generosity in sending me a book from my Amazon Wishlist. It always feels great to know that someone appreciates your efforts and this was such a perfect way of expressing that.

Steve got me David Flanagan's JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 5th Edition. This is like the Holy Grail of JavaScript books and I really, REALLY appreciate the gift.

Thanks so much Steve!

ColdFusion Mentioned on, a top site dedicated to social networking news and on par with heavyweight Techcrunch in terms of reporting, has given ColdFusion some love by posting about CF-related resources:

COLDFUSION TOOLBOX: 20+ Resources for ColdFusion

Please be sure to post some positive comments so that Mashable sees how well established our community is.

Kalendar UI Design Contest – CF8 License Up for Grabs

So there's this really cool new project called Kalendar, which aims to build a free, open source, ColdFusion-based calendaring system. Its gotten a ton of well-deserved press and picked up some big names to support the development.

One thing they're in need of is a top-notch UI and in order to entice someone to help them, they're offering up a ColdFusion 8 Standard license to the person that creates the best UI for Kalendar!

I think this is a great idea and wanted to get the word out. Be sure to take a look at the contest blog posting for full details about the contest.

This is a great project so lets support it!

Lemony-Fresh ColdFusion 8 YouTube Video

I never saw this video during the CF8 beta. Its pretty funny!

Secret Hand Shake for Fullasagoog?

I've been trying for awhile to get aggregated by Fullasagoog with no success. I've sent email after email and nada, nothing, no dice, out!! I mean, people tell me that they read my blog so I must have something interesting on there. And I really would like to expand my reader base.

Could someone show me the secret handshake to get picked up by the Goog?

jQuery Love Fest Continues: Meet Peter Bell

Over the last year, I've posted about how top CF developers have been flocking to the jQuery javascript library. jQuery is truly an awesome piece of work and I can completely understand why their loving it; ease-of-use, awesome community, exceptional documentation, lightweight, & feature rich.

Add another hot name to the list of jQuery lovers. Peter Bell has jumped on the bandwagon and is loving jQuery. Now, make no mistake about it, Peter Bell knows his stuff. His posts range from dissecting frameworks to domain specific modeling. He posts about very advanced topics so when he says he likes jQuery, that speaks volumes to me.

I'm really happy to see Peter getting into jQuery and hope to see others in the CF community join in.

Now that Rob Gonda and I are cranking up development of AjaxCFC once again, which will inlude jQuery v1.2 under the hood, I think you'll be seeing more jQuery love around the corner.

If you're interested in learning more about jQuery, I've created a list of links that will hopefully help new jQuery users find the resources they need to get up-to-speed with the library:

jQuery Main Site:

The compressed & uncompressed code:

SVN Info:

Plugins & UI Widgets/Controls: (old page) (new repository)



Mailing Lists- jQuery Support, community news:

Mailing Lists – Issues involving future development of jQuery (not support-related):

Project Blog:

Learning Resources:

Sites Using jQuery:

CF Community: Putting a Face to a Name

So you read blog postings and threads all day but have you
ever wondered what some of the ColdFusion personalities looked like?

Well Ben Nadel is helping out with this by posting pictures of frequent contributors to the CF community. You can check out the list here. If you're interested in seeing your mug up in lights, be sure to contact Ben. Apart from being one of the most talented developers I've ever met, he's also one of the coolest people you'll find.

In case you're wondering what your's truly looks like:

Project Gonda: Day 1

So, day 1 of Project Gonda, my effort to force Rob Gonda to start posting again is here and still no new Gonda posting. I did chat with with on IM and he busted my chops for putting public pressure on him..blah, blah, blah. If you notice, Rob does a lot of “blah'ing” and if he only changed that to “blogging”, there'd be no issue.

So, I ask everyone that reads this to send Rob a note or post on your blog letting him know that he's missed and needs to get back to blogging and updating AjaxCFC to jQuery v1.1.4!

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