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BlogCFC Attribution Quirk in RSS Feed

The other day, someone pointed out to me that my posts weren't showing attribution (i.e. by Rey Bango) when viewed via Google Reader. Sure enough, when I looked at a recent post picked up by Planet jQuery, it didn't show the attribution.

I looked into the BlogCFC code and updated blog.cfc to include the following code snippet:


I'm hoping that resolves the issue.


Adding that code did in fact fix the issue and I now see attribution on my posts via Reader. Hey Ray, can you update BlogCFC accordingly?

Switching to Moderated Comments

I hated doing it but in light of the growing comment spam, I needed to do it. While I'm sure I'd look absolutely radiant in one of the wedding dresses being offered by the countless bride links posted in the comments, I don't feel that my readers should be subjected to said bride links.

So to the comment spammers, your grace period has officially ended.

BlogCFC5 Powered

I've just upgraded to BlogCFC v5 beta and so far so good. Ray Camden has been a huge help in getting it running.

Again, we can't thank you enough for your efforts Ray!


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