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Aptana v1.0 Released. Major release of top IDE

The very popular Aptana IDE has finally broken out of the milestone phase and reached version 1.0.

We are very proud to have released Aptana Studio 1.0 (formerly Aptana IDE). After over two years of non-stop development and close to a million downloads, we have finally reached “1.0”. Along with the release of 1.0, we have also created two editions of the product: Community and Professional. The Community Edition is the keystone of the Studio product, where all core features and capabilities are developed. The Professional Edition brings additional features and services beyond the free Community edition.

The newly renamed Aptana Studio 1.0 Community Edition will continue to be feature-rich but in looking at the product comparison page, a robust Internet Explorer JavaScript debugger alone would be reason enough to consider purchasing a copy of the Professional edition.

Internet Explorer® Debugging

The Internet Explorer Debugging extension enables full breakpoint debugging for your Web applications directly from within Aptana Studio. Like the already integrated Firefox debugging capabilities of Studio, you can now watch variables, set conditional breakpoints, and seamlessly step through your code in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Aptana Studio 1.0 continues to provide strong support for the most popular JavaScript libraries including:

as well as plugin enhancements for Rails, PHP, Adobe AIR and iPhone development. Additional features included in the release are:

  • CSS Preview
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Formatting
  • Code drag and drop
  • Visual ScriptDoc Explorer
  • Enhanced Dynamic Help System
  • Tons of User Interface Polish

For more information on the the Aptana Studio v1.0, be sure to visit the Aptana product page for full details on both editions.

Congratulations to the Aptana team for a great release!

NOTE: If you plan on upgrading, be sure to follow the instructions detailed by Aptana on this page.

Aptana: New Plugin iPhone Eclipse Plugin

Aptana really is the premier JavaScript IDE out there with a variety of support for JavaScript, Ajax, DOM, Adobe Air and now the iPhone. Yep, Aptana has just released a beta of their new iPhone Eclipse plugin which will help you in building apps to work within the confines of the iPhone.

More details can be found here:

Aptana's iPhone Page

The cool thing is that the plugin will allow you to preview what your app will look like in a simulated iPhone page. Very cool.

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